Corruption in Tennis

Tennis is engulfed in a ‘tsunami’ of corruption… Ouch, how do you sort this one out? It is pretty devastating to hear that about the sport I have dedicated my life to, but I’m not surprised. A match where the players stand to lose money, even if they win, cannot be bet on. It is […]

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Dealing With Nerves In Tennis

Love them or hate them they are part of the reason we play. There is nothing quite like the nervous moments before a big match, not knowing what is about to happen, with every possible scenario running through your mind… this is why nerves make the win that much sweeter and the loss that much […]

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On Court Coaching

In 2008 the WTA finally gave in to the increasing difficulty to police the words that come from the players box, and introduced on court coaching. The trouble was mainly because of the of the many languages used, with some English speaking players claiming it was unfair that a Russian player is free to have […]

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Rain Delays

Unbelievably, Doha in the desert had hourly battles with rain and the tournament spent much of the week underwater. It was the sort of light drizzle that us Brits get blamed for everywhere we go, and the players were frustratingly pulled off the court up to 4 times in a match. The main problem is […]

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Australian Open

The Australian Open starts tonight and it is set to be a scorcher in more ways than one. I have put down my semi final predictions by section below but WOW was it hard with such an open field. My favourites to win are Williams, Konta, Kerber, Pliskova, Cibulkova… (how many am I allowed?!) but […]

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