Happy New Year!

So 2014 has come to an end and I can’t help but reflect on where I was 12 months ago. I had been out of tennis competitively for 2 and a half years but starting to feel the gravitational pull back to the game. It took a few more months to come to the inevitable conclusion and I am so glad I did. I don’t regret stopping when I was 21, that was the right decision at the time and so is this. If I do what I feel is right at the time, I can never regret the choices I make. This statement is fast becoming a bit of a mantra in my matches, as it is one of the biggest things I have learnt in my time away from the game… I know what I am doing and I am the one playing so I don’t need to question myself.

My personal highlight since I have returned was winning back to back tournaments in Sweden. I know these events are the lowest level of pro competition, but to qualify and win both showed mental and physical strength that I didn’t think I would develop until early 2015 (these things take time and hard work to come back). Going on to win a round of the 25K in Bath was particularly sweet as that was my first win in a 25K since the end of 2010! I felt at home on the match court and enjoyed every point I played.

There is so much about competing that I enjoy. The build up before the match is a brilliant mix of excitement, nerves, anticipation and not knowing what is about to happen. These feelings tend to subside after the first few games and then you can get on with it and compete, fight and battle your way through the match.

I want to thank the people around me who have been so supportive with my return to tennis. The team at Junior Tennis Coaching have encouraged and enabled me to take this step and I am so appreciative of that. I am now a player at JTC rather than a coach, and it is a fantastic place to train with constant energy, passion and drive which reminds me how much a love it every day.

2015 is going to be action packed with hard work, competition, winning, losing, success, disappointment, more hard work and I can’t wait because I am will love every second of it. I will kick off the year in Florida playing 25K qualifying which is a dive in to the deep end, but I want to give that level a proper go by playing a few in a row. It is difficult to keep jumping between 10Ks and 25Ks as the overall standard is very different, the exception being a few players in the 10Ks that are able to win matches in 25Ks.

I will be seeing in the New Year with some friends so Happy New Year in advance and cheers to 2014… Roll on 2015!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Cav,

    Best, in retrospect, not meet Kasakina, Chirico, Stewart, in January. You could get the wrong idea of where (I think) you’re at.

    You could e-mail me to discuss this further? And the other stuff, obviously; as referred to on other threads.


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